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GdzieAuto.pl new meaning for quality

Professional GPS car monitoring system for companies and individuals.
The most simple in use management panel.
Accurate information and reports.
NThe most professional technical support.

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Simple and clear panel.

DAccurate reports on the condition of the car.

Statistics on fuel consumption, speed, etc.

Possibility to personalize the system.

Graphic presentation of covered distance.


The highest quality of service and maximum simplicity - GdzieAuto.pl

Offered positioning modules are characterized by a high reliability, which is proven in a perpetual warranty. Do not take the risk of buying product which will not meet your requirements. Invest in our equipment being of the highest quality and made entirely in Poland.

Discover GdzieAuto.pl

Wide range of GPS location systems.

GdzieAuto.pl is a system coming forward to meet customers' needs, flexible to fit their expectations. It is you who decides what information is the most important for you. In accordance with the latest standards in motorization GdzieAuto.pl provides the opportunity to get some information among others on the drivers driving style as well all the problems the car may have.

Let's imagine a situation when your car is 1500km from your base, and the driver informs you that the car is not fully operational, GdzieAuto.pl will give you a chance to locate the fault.

Another example of system use are the transshipment and logistics centers. Permanent view of the cars through GdzieAuto.pl assures efficient goods handling.

GdzieAuto.pl is a system addressed to small, medium and large forwarding companies, but individuals will also find it very useful. GdzieAuto.pl will change and make the everyday tasks easier, will increase safety, and reduce operational costs of your fleet.

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