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Simple and clear panel.

DAccurate reports on the condition of the car.

Statistics on fuel consumption, speed, etc.

Possibility to personalize the system.

Graphic presentation of covered distance.

We will meet your expectations.

Our offer is suitable for everybody.

Business and companies will benefit from a simple and clear way of planning and controlling their operating costs. Offered positioning modules are characterized by a high reliability, which is proven in a perpetual warranty. Do not take the risk of buying product which will not meet your requirements. Invest in our equipment being of the highest quality and made entirely in Poland. GdzieAuto.pl will assure a precise, and current fleet control which results in a reduction of unnecessary expenses.

If you are an individual, you can use our system to get the information on your car location in real-time or in the past. Find out who was using your car and how it has been driven.

Join us and discover a new way of tracking cars available online 24/7. It is always fast, reliable, effortless and the most important – easy.