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Simple and clear panel.

DAccurate reports on the condition of the car.

Statistics on fuel consumption, speed, etc.

Possibility to personalize the system.

Graphic presentation of covered distance.

Find out what we can give you.

Learn who will benefit from our service.

Gdzieauto.pl is based on two systems working together. It consists of a physical structure and a center where data is processed. Devices you can get from us are those physical units but also the GPS net.

Our system is operating on a mobile network using GPRS protocol to transfer data. Positioning modules we offer are to locate the car, receive and prepare data to transfer. The additional data are e.g. engine management, fuel consumption, speed and many more you can choose from. When data package is ready, it is sent to our center. We process and archive them and place on customer's profile. You will have access to them through the mentioned above customer administrative panel from any place on Earth via any available internet browser. Administrative panel is available at www.gdzieuto.pl.

One of the advantages of our service is a 24h access to archived information on your cars, routs and distances they have covered and other parameters mentioned earlier. The next advantage is the fact that when your car is not currently within a mobile network our module still collects the data. Straight after finding network service, all the data recently collected are sent to our data base.

Furthermore, we need to mention safety . Our service gives you chance to track your cars in real-time.

The last but not least is the simplicity of GdzieAuto.pl use. Administrative panel is built to maximize simple use in order to save your time.